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Questions tagged [vanitygen]

vanitygen allows you to specify part of your bitcoin address.

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Is anyone mathematically adding a Brain Wallet key with a hosted wallet (like vanitygen) for extra security?

This question is inspired by how the Vanity Gen pool operates. Basically there are two sets of keys and addresses: one that is stored at the Wallet hosting provider, the other set is derived from a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How do I optimize my usage of oclvanitygen?

I'd like to extract the most performance possible from oclvanitygen. Can anyone tell me what the best practices are with this tool? Examples may include: Use operating system X, or video card Y ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Question about modify Vanitygen

I follow the instruction on this post to create bitcoin address from given hex private key In vanitygen.c Replace EC_KEY_generate_key(pkey); with BIGNUM *res; BN_init(&start); ...
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Vanitygen to run 24/7 at VPS

I searched for tutorial to run Vanitygen 24/7 on VPS. However, I'm not able to find any that work. I have a VPS running on Debian 7. I want to use this VPS to search for Bitcoin private key 24/7. How ...
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segmentation fault while using oclvanitygen

I'm running the following oclvanitygen version. The program crashes with corefile. I'm unable to decode the core file. Has anyone faced similar issue, how to proceed? Update: clinfo has the following ...
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2 answers

oclvanitygen not compiling

I am trying to compile oclvanitygen because I have an Nvidia GTX 1080 that would most likely be helpful for this. I'm using the Windows Subsystem for Linux with Ubuntu 18.04. I tried this command: ...
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Bitcoin Vanitygen > how to edit .cl kernel file to so that it will verify the public key directly instead

So im trying to create a vanityaddress, which is 1 followed by my 10 chars plus some random chars, no matter how i try i get 9 right out of my chars not the 10th chars , so i everyday get bunch of ...
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What is the longest firstbits?

What is the longest used firstbits? How could I find out? I think it would be two vanity addresses with the same prefix, yes? Anything longer than about seven characters for a firstbits would require ...
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