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Questions about computer viruses that relate to bitcoins.

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Virus warning in Bitcoin [cash] ABC client? [closed]

I tried to download Bitcoin cash ABC wallet from bitcoincash official site. If I download zip to my computer and upload it to VirusTotal site, it says 11/62 positives. If I go to VirusTotal site and ...
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Altcoin Wallet Warning: Virus Alert Coinstealer in it! Why?

I have compiled this Altcoin completetly from Source: After i got a Compiled .exe File I uploaded it to Virustotal. The Result was nothing, Clean Wallet :) ...
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altcoin execoin miner is infected?

looking for asic-proof alt-coins, I found one called EXE coin. however, it requires their version of the miner and it says standard miners won't work. firefox/waterfox claims the binary is infected. ...
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Are virus signatures a serious threat to the bitcoin network?

I read this in a forum post on another site. Here's my recap. But by "I" I mean me, not the original poster. All transactions over the bitcoin network is stored as raw data forever in the distributed ...
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What are the methods for getting an old, used windows P.C. ready for secure Bitcoin usage? [closed]

Let's say I am about to set my Grandmother up with a wallet. I have no idea what she has on her computer. There could be a host of malware, keyloggers etc. Let's also say that a complete wipe and ...
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Is it possible that a virus could be included in the block chain or even spread out to computers as miners are trying to mine?

I'm new to BitCoin and curious about a lot of things about it, and about the mining network. So is it safe for everyone to mine and not get their PC or other machines get hit by a virus if it goes ...
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Why does Avast and other antivirus' detect gpu miners as viruses?

For example I was downloading the latest cgminer and Avast blocked the download saying it was a virus. Is this true or is it a false positive? I've had other antimalware (I think Malwarebytes) detect ...
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Is there any way to measure relative occurrences of wallet theft over time?

Soon after Bitcoins became valuable enough to be worth stealing, I started seeing news about viruses/malware that steal Bitcoin wallets. Presumably, wallet encryption has reduced the level of this, ...
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Is there a list of Bitcoin malware

Does anyone keep a track of various Bitcoin-related malware, such as the recent DevilRobber Trojan?
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Do wallet stealing viruses exist?

After I install the bitcoin client, what are the risks of browsing the Internet? Can my wallet be stolen? Are there any known viruses/websites etc....?
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