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Bitcoin Debit Card without a phone (number) [closed]

Where can I signup for a bitcoin debit card without a phone? There are a number of "bitcoin debit card" providers -- services that issue you a traditional visa/mastercard/etc debit card that ...
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Wasn't 0-conf more secure than Visa, before blocks got full and RBF was added?

RBF and full blocks make 0-conf useless, because it's easy to override. Wasn't it once useful? I've heard without those it's more secure than Visa in terms of double spending.
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Cryptocurrency Exchanges that accept VISA Debit Card Payment [closed]

Please suggest some Cryptocurrency exchanges that accept VISA Debit Card payments.
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Visa, MasterCard or any other network copy Bitcoin blockchain tech?

I read an article (below) that explained how complicated the payment industry is and thus is why it is relatively expensive. Could a network like Visa eventually copy Bitcoin, and thus cut everyone ...
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What are the quicker ways to use my bitcoins for paying in usual shops (off- or online)? [closed]

I have some bitcoins which I want to use for payments in the "usual" shops around me (not accepting bitcoins, but accepting plastic cards), and in a quicker way. Previously, I used ...
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Automating service with income from VISA and expenses in Bitcoins is building an online service, which will have income coming from VISA cards, and will pay expenses in Bitcoins. We expect to make something like 100 transactions per day from credit ...
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What is the cheapest Bitcoin -> prepaid VISA/Mastercard service? [closed]

I am looking for the cheapest Bitcoin to prepaid VISA/Mastercard service for the amount of $5000. I have noticed some with a maximum of $100, and inquired whether it would be possible to increase this ...
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Capabilities of Bitcoins and their place in the future

I`ve recently read a presentation that mentioned a couple things about how big would be the potential bandwidth if Bitcoins would handle the transaction volume of Visa:
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How can determine the fundamental theoretical value of the Bitcoin based on steady state daily velocity (BTCDD)?

The VISA network (VisaNet) supports 4.4 Trillion dollars of commerce per year (2009). If we assume (somewhat arbitrarily), that the Bitcoin Days Destroyed metric approaches 50% (half of all coins are ...
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