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Can layer 2 or higher on Bitcoin handle billions of transactions and records to enable a form of decentralised democracy? [duplicate]

Essentially I'm asking if layer 2 or higher can handle billions of transactions and records as I'd like to develop / encourage the development of an app that can essentally hold all voter records (for ...
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Is there a way to participate in bitcoin consensus (tx, block, mining, etc.) verification without downloading the ledger?

It seems like theoretically new blocks could be determined from the list of addresses and the amounts possessed by each address, where maintaining the blockchain would be optional and mostly for ...
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Is there an active list of BIPs currently open for voting?

How can a miner know from which two (or more) BIPs they can choose when they are about to vote? Is there a list of currently active BIPs for voting? Thanks!
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How does a miner put his vote for certain BIP?

I understand that a miner is the only one who can vote for a certain BIP, but I'm wondering, how do they technically do that? How do they submit their vote? I found out that they are doing it through ...
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How can Blockchain help to vote?

I have seen in some videos and blogs that Blockchain can be used in our election voting system for example here: Another company working on creating a platform that uses Blockchain technology to ...
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Phased transactions are very slow [closed]

I am trying to send a message to another account with two confirmations using the Phasing options in a message to add two different accounts. The problem is the message takes from 1 minute to 2 ...
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Could a 2/3 majority vote be used as a consensus

I understand that Bitcoin currently is using the chain with most proof-of-work as consensus. However could this method be improved, like only allow one block being generated at any given time, and ...
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Can there be a blockchain without mining?

This is a question about Blockchain in general, not about Bitcoin as a currency on top of Blockchain technology. Let's say I want to issue a vote on top of, lets say, multichain. I would issue an ...
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Could blockchain technology be used to implement a verifiable voting system? [duplicate]

From an efficiency point of view, voting at elections online seems to make a lot of sense except that there is currently no way to have a completely trustable electronic voting system because of the ...
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How does miner voting work?

I always here people talk about miners being able to "vote" on certain things using the block chain. So here are my questions: 1) who gets to ask the questions? 2) what type of questions are being ...
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Can mining pool participants customize the coinbase of the block they're mining?

If a participant can customize the coinbase, how would that be done? Pool participants make certain decisions about how they mine. Some of those decisions are apparent in each block solved by that ...
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Blockchain Tools for Voting Among Small Groups?

I am considering starting a new co-op based business. Since the business will be member-owned, it would be nice to launch the business with a voting tool. I want to be able to propose items to the co-...
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Bitcoin nodes voting

I'm just watching Adam Back & Gregory Maxwell: Blockstream and Sidechains interview, and wondering how the decision of further Bitcoin core development are made. I know about Bitcoin Foundation, ...
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Is the Stellar inflation voting public?

The Stellar network allows users to vote on who will earn its 1% annual STR inflation. I am wondering - is this information publicly available on the Stellar ledger or somewhere else? How can one find ...
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Decentralized democratic voting [duplicate]

Has the fundamental problem in cryptovoting, one person, one vote, in a completely decentralized or blockchain centric manner been solved? In other words, how can votes be allocated in a ...
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Blockchain-based polling/voting systems

In a blockchain-based polling/voting system, what is the best way to ensure that nobody votes more than once, and what is the best way to keep votes secret (if that's a requirement)? The info ...
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What is an explanation of the P2SH voting in layman's terms?

Reading this question and looking in the bitcointalk forums at the related discussion, there seems to be some kind of miner vote being done on whether a change will be implemented in the bitcoin ...
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Is there any point attempting to vote when my hash power is so marginal?

With regards to /P2SH/, is there even much point in voting with 500MHash or so of hashing power given that the chances of finding a block within the voting timeframe is incredibly slim? Not to mention ...
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