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"unloadwallet" and "notifywallet", work together?

I couldn't understand it very well in the places I looked and in the documentation I read, and it would take about 1 month for me to have bitcoins to test, I thought it was better to ask here. I will ...
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How to set up a listener on an address, and trigger events upon receiving transaction?

I have a task where I need to set up some sort of a listener on a particular bitcoin addresses for incoming transactions, and once a transaction arrives, I need to call some function in my web service....
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Bitcoind walletnotify runs only when transaction get it's first confirmation

I've successfully configured bitcoind and walletnotify to run on every deposit transaction in testnet. The problem is walletnotify hits only when a transaction gets its first confirmation and nothing ...
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Bitcoin walletnotify doesn't pass the txid as %s

Thoroughly searched this online but haven't found an answer yet. Basically I'm using the below line in my conf file: walletnotify=C:\pathname\ %s It is supposed to run my python file ...
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Watch a BitCoin account for incoming payments

I want to watch a set of BitCoin addresses and be notified (preferably by email) when they receive a payment. I prefer me not to write my own software for this and not to install it on my own server, ...
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Bitcoind walletnotify

Does wallet notify performs actions also on old transactions? In case that my node went offline for some reason, Once its back online I will get notifications from wallet notify for the transactions ...
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Speeding up walletnotify

In the case of a notice at 0 confirmations, I'm seeing the transaction end up on a lot faster than bitcoind is calling the walletnotify callback - about 10 minutes faster. Is it ...
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Which cryptocurrency server software supports the walletnotify feature?

I am looking to build a realtime service for crypto payments and would like to know which currencies are based on server software that supports "walletnotify" out of the box in the way Bitcoin does - ...
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Can I use walletnotify or blocknotify remotely with a NodeJS application?

I'd like to get information from my bitcoin node running on a cloud server to be used to make changes in my NodeJS app running on my computer. So, in the bitcoin.conf file, should I have something ...
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Walletnotify hits twice, immediately

So I've read most of what is tagged with walletnotify, but haven't found a solution. I know walletnotify is supposed to run twice, one for the unconfirmed transaction and again, when it reaches 1 ...
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Walletnotify not working

Here's my bitcoin.conf: server=1 rpcallowip= rpcuser=userrunningbitcoind rpcpassword=passwordofuserrunningbitcoind rpcport=7788 walletnotify=/home/userrunningbitcoind/ %s And ...
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How is scalability of walletnotify of the full node wallet

I'm thinking about how large exchanges handles customer deposits, it appears there are two available solutions, one is to use external notification apis, like 's notification api, ...
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My wallet doesn't show a confirmed transaction [closed]

Someone sent me Bitcoin payment but when I check my wallet nothing appears. On the blockchain, the transaction is already confirmed. I use archived address.
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BitcoinCore walletnotify before blocknotify?

I want to use bitcoind's walletnotify and blocknotify features. The question is: Is blocknotify script always triggered after walletnotify script? Imagine, I have an unconfirmed transaction in my ...
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Bitcoin HD wallet forwarder without depending on a 3rd party?

I want to setup a REST API service that does 3 simple things. Ask it to generate a new address (ideally from a BIP32 xpub key tree) Notify my server application when a deposit and confirmation X ...
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-walletnotify on 6 confirmations instead of 1?

Pretty straight forward. Right now im using -walletnotify to run some node.js code when i get an incoming transaction and when theres 1 confirmation. However, after reading around, i found out that 1 ...
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The setup steps for generating bitcoin addresses programmatically and checking for payments with walletnotify

I have read this question and done some investigation, and I want to make sure I have some of this right. If I have a server somewhere where I can install bit coin (I'm thinking bitcoin-qt on Ubuntu)...
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walletNotify on every Bitcoin Network transaction

Is there any way by which I can receive each and every Bitcoin transaction that takes place on the Bitcoin network(not only my own wallet's transactions)? Just the way provides a ...
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Walletnotify under windows

Few questions about Walletnotify under win: 1) Is this the rigt way to write .py script into litecoin.conf: walletnotify=C:\Python27\python.exe D:\LiVe\ %s If not, how it should be ...
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How do I use walletnotify?

I have bitcoin daemon and I want to use the walletnotify option with a json-rpc call. Some of the examples use a "" file for walletnotify. What is it for? What do I have to write in ...
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Listening for changes to my own wallet in the blockchain

I would like to be notified of changes to any of my many wallet address as soon as they happen and then programmatically take action. I have been using wallet notify but this has been giving me really ...
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