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This tag should be used for questions that pertain to wallet software. A wallet software is a piece of software which manages users' keypairs, addresses, and transactions. Wallet software also allow a user to send and receive Bitcoin.

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What wallet / e-wallet is the most convenient for new casual Bitcoin users?

I'd like to make small payments for business purposes through Bitcoin, so would like to know what the easiest method of getting setup to accept a Bitcoin payment is for a regular person, so that I can ...
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2 answers

How to configure the official bitcoin client to conveniently use offline wallets?

This is a follow up question to "How can I keep my wallet secure?" Is there a portable (at least Win32&64/Linux) to configure the official bitcoin client to use only offline wallets to be ...
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44 votes
10 answers

How can I keep my wallet secure?

The standard Bitcoin client does not encrypt wallet files, so any malicious user that gains access to this file will be able to transfer all the coins to their own wallet. Furthermore, if I lose the ...
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3 answers

What happens when someone sends bitcoin to my wallet?

I didn't get it. Should my wallet be online? What if it becomes corrupted before I make a backup? Can I use my backup wallet that was backed up few days ago?
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