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A wallet manages a user's private keys. Wallet software is used to send and receive Bitcoin. It also keeps track of the user's transactions, addresses, and balance.

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How should you backup your wallet?

How often? Is backing it up once enough? Any best practices to storing the backup?
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What is a deterministic wallet?

It sounds as if it's a process that enables a wallet to be rebuilt from a passphrase, or from several fragments scattered about. Could someone provide a detailed technical explanation?
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How can I "redeem" a private key without downloading a client?

Let's say that I have generated some private keys offline and use them for my savings. For my spending money I prefer to use an online wallet instead of downloading the client. Is there any service ...
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How can a single person operation keep a collection of online wallets secure?

While this question is similar to others about securing wallets, I think it merits a question of it's own. One thing that has dissuaded me in the past from running an online wallet service of some ...
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What are the minimum security expectations of an online wallet service?

If you wanted to assess the security of an online wallet service such as a bitcoin bank or ewallet, what would expect to see addressed? Obviously SSL connections, but what about authentication, ...
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Can I use my wallet on different computers?

I'm used to synchronize my data on different machines. Depending on the data I use SVN, Dropbox or SSH (Unison). Is this possible with the bitcoin wallet, too?
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Is there some way to merge two wallets or to import/export addresses?

I've got one wallet.dat from my laptop and another on my desktop, each containing various (different) receiving addresses that I use pretty often. I'd like to merge them into a single wallet.dat so I ...
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How can I restore my wallet?

I just purchased a new laptop and I want to decommission my old one. I have a back-up of my wallet.dat file copied to my new PC. What do I need to do to restore it to my Bitcoin (Windows) client? ...
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Do wallet stealing viruses exist?

After I install the bitcoin client, what are the risks of browsing the Internet? Can my wallet be stolen? Are there any known viruses/websites etc....?
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21 votes
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What wallet / e-wallet is the most convenient for new casual Bitcoin users?

I'd like to make small payments for business purposes through Bitcoin, so would like to know what the easiest method of getting setup to accept a Bitcoin payment is for a regular person, so that I can ...
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How to configure the official bitcoin client to conveniently use offline wallets?

This is a follow up question to "How can I keep my wallet secure?" Is there a portable (at least Win32&64/Linux) to configure the official bitcoin client to use only offline wallets to be ...
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How can I keep my wallet secure?

The standard Bitcoin client does not encrypt wallet files, so any malicious user that gains access to this file will be able to transfer all the coins to their own wallet. Furthermore, if I lose the ...
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What happens when someone sends bitcoin to my wallet?

I didn't get it. Should my wallet be online? What if it becomes corrupted before I make a backup? Can I use my backup wallet that was backed up few days ago?
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