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Questions tagged [watch-only]

refers to observing the balance of addresses only by address not by public key.

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Setting up to create PSBTs using Bitcoin Core from 10 year old non-deterministic wallet

I have an old wallet from 10+ years ago. It was created using an old version of Bitcoin Core before deterministic wallets were a thing. I have it now on an offline computer that has Bitcoin Core 21.0....
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Dump wallet with only watch-only addresses

I have two wallets on a bitcoind node that consist entirely of watch-only addresses I have added with importaddress over time. I now want to merge these two wallets into one. My initial thought was to ...
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How to turn a just watch electrum wallet to HD

Hello everyone I have an electrum wallet and it's in just watch mode and I'd like to change it to an HD wallet in electrum. How to go about it if it's possible?
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Address watcher with BDK/Rust

I'm trying to implement (multiple) address watcher in BDK/Rust. I'm having trouble doing this for an arbitrary address, because BDK and rust-miniscript don't support "addr()" expressions in ...
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Create a watch only wallet descriptor with bitcoin core

Trying to create a watch only wallet descriptor in bitcoin core client. bitcoin-cli -named createwallet wallet_name=mywallet descriptors=true This just returns an error: method not found. Furthermore ...
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Is it ok and safe to import master public key from electrum wallet into bluewallet to be a watch-only wallet?

I want to use my iPhone (Blue wallet) to be the watch-only wallet for my offline wallet generated on electrum. So that I can generate unsigned transaction on the bluewallet and send it back to my ...
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Bitcoin core -trying to open my watch adress with private key- unsolvable

First of all, please bare with my ignorance. When i bought btc 5 years ago i did not know more than i know today, which is very very little. However, after retrieving my private key for an crashed hdd,...
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Import testnet address in bcoin

I´m trying to import a watch-only address to my bcoin node using cli (testnet). My config looks as follows: [....] # # Options # network: testnet # # Node # prefix: ~/.bcoin-testnet db: leveldb ...
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