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Is bitcoin egalitarian or is there a hierarchy of owners of the cryptocurrency?

I hope my question will be well understood and well received. I see bitcoin as a passive system, as far as I know, and therefore egalitarian, but maybe there is a situation where at the point someone ...
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Bitcoin Rich List - Reliable or not?

I'm doing an essay on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and came across the Bitcoin Rich List ( However, I only want to use reliable ...
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Script - Is it possible to build an addresss that allows retrieve a certain amount per address?

Is it possible to define a multi signature address that allows spending only certain percentage to each signature? For example, three different people with different public-private keys build an pay ...
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Distributing 1 satoshi to every user on stack exchange or some other online community

I'm curious if there have been any coins that has distributed coins to an entire online community like an air drop. Currently many online communities like stack exchange have public profiles and ...
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Anyone concerned that, by individuals getting rich too fast, crime towards cryptocurrency holders will also increase? [closed]

Given the potential for such a gigantic paradigm shift, something so accessible and so global could displace enormous amounts of value to large groups of people that previously had very little capital....
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What will happen to bitcoin if the world population increases? [closed]

I've been trying to find an answer to this question but without success. I have a question on scaling, but not of the technical kind. Assume that the entire world switches to using bitcoin as its ...
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How do I join the NXT 2.0 (Ardor) distribution if it isn't an ICO? And how does it affect NXT 1.0 holders?

Can someone explain to me how to join the NXT 2.0 (Ardor) distribution? I've been reading you can't buy into the coin initially or can you? Also how does this affect NXT 1.0 system? It seems to be one ...
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Bitcoin distribution [closed]

Economies of scale are powerful and Bitcoin growth has been substantial over the past few years. Unfortunately much of the world including those in the 3rd world (many unbanked) who may need it most ...
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how does the creator of Bitcoin get paid?

Is the exchange the only people making money of the purchasing of bitcoin or is the creator profiting as well?
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Bitcoin-based Distributed Donation Systems, whichs do you know?

I've heard that Tor Project constructed such system: Everybody who are participating in the Tor Network, creating Exit Node or even Middle Node, would simply paste his Bitcoin address into the "...
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What is the most widely distributed crypto currency?

I've been doing research to find a crypto-currency that is "fairly" distributed among the population. Being "fair" is quite subjective. We can all agree that 10 people that control a coin is not fair, ...
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What prevented NXT from being distributed the same way bitcoins are? [closed]

As Nxt's generating accounts receive now the transaction fees of the transactions included in the block they forged, it would be possible to add some new NXT to the balance of the generating account, ...
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How can counterparty tokens be distributed?

When a new counterparty token is created, are they all created at once? Or can there be a custom distribution schedule? Basically, I'm wondering if all counterparty tokens are centrally distributed or ...
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3 answers

Have there been any successful "airdrops"?

Starting with Auroracoin, a lot of coins aimed to perform an "airdrop" and distribute their coins to certain groups of people. I am wondering, have there been any successful airdrops? If so, how did ...
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Where can I find early posts about Bitcoin where trolls are arguing over distribution?

I'm doing research on Bitcoin and looking for early posts about Bitcoin regarding unfair distribution. I'm sure there were posts arguing the fact that most of the Bitcoins were in the hands of only a ...
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What are some counter arguments for NXT (nxtcoin) "premine" or initial distribution setup? [closed]

Whenever someone brings up NXT (nxtcoin) as a topic, many people's first reaction is the initial distribution of how nxt was setup. Many consider this a "premine" event and see it as a potential ...
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What would be required to disincentivize mining pools?

Now that mining pools are starting to hit the 51% cusp of total mining power, what would need to happen to the Bitcoin protocol to reduce their success, and encourage distributed mining power over ...
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How do people know that less than 1000 people own 50% of all bitcoins?

I read this post on this site: Who are creating all the alternate cryptocurrencies? In it, there is a answer saying: An article about a month ago was written about the owners of Bitcoin and we ...
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Is it possible to determine Bitcoin ownership distribution?

Could someone guess on the most likely current Bitcoin ownership distribution? Are most bitcoins still owned by (early?) mining enthusiasts who are waiting for the price to go even higher?
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Inequality in a Bitcoin World

So let's assume at some point in the future bitcoin has replaced fiat currencies and we thus have a fixed money supply. Let's also assume we have increasing production and therefore deflation. It ...
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Why is Bitcoin fair?

According to the Wikipedia article on Bitcoin: The initial bitcoin distribution is advantageous towards early-adopters. [...] However, the amount of work that must be done for one bitcoin is ...
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