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What was Satoshi's approach/sample code for implementation of web apps?

A quote from satoshi on the bitcointalk server, May 26 2010: I'm also recommending this approach for the implementation of web apps. I just posted some sample code showing a suggested way of ...
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Bitcoin wallet to be integrated into a Webapp

Does anyone know if exist a Bitcoin wallet that allows to be integrated into a Webapp? I mean a kind of Metamask for Bitcoin. What I should do is develop a Dapp that allows the user to send txs from ...
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Creating an account system

I am using the bitcoind account system for my web app, but it doesn't work the way I want it to work. So I want to make my own account system in Laravel(probably opensource). The main reason for the ...
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Keeping track of unique deposit Bitcoin Addresses per user

I'm trying to setup a bitcoin service for my users. How do other sites or exchanges keep track of each users unique Bitcoin deposit address? And how does the application alert the admin/user when a ...
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I want to start my new bitcoin web wallet! Coding and steps! PLEASE GUIDE [closed]

I want to start my new bitcoin web wallet but no idea where to start. coding and steps no idea. please help.
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Attaching additional data / text message to a Bitcoin transaction?

I'm building an single page web app, where I need to send the users inputted string (email address) along with their bitcoin payment. Say for example I have a single page web app that issues gift ...
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