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A serialization for public keys that only encodes the x-coordinate introduced by BIP340.

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Is a P2TR address a compressed public key?

From what I understand, a public key can be compressed from 64 bytes into 32 bytes, but an additional byte is needed for the sign, so it usually winds up being 33 bytes total. But P2TR addresses only ...
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How does the BIP340 lift_x algorithm work?

Couple questions of code that I'm reviewing trying to learn schnorr sigs. Why do we want an odd private key? I see even tests on the private key and then subtract it from the SECP256K1 Order to get an ...
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What would happen if you tweaked a public key with an odd y-coordinate?

From BIP341 this example code shows how you can tweak an x-only pubkey: def taproot_tweak_pubkey(pubkey, h): t = int_from_bytes(tagged_hash("TapTweak", pubkey + h)) if t >= ...
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Will taproot change public key generation?

Does taproot change how private/public keys/addresses are generated, or just how the transactions are signed? Also, I'd appreciate if someone could recommend me where to look for official sources of ...
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2 answers

Why is no security lost by using 32-byte public keys in Schnorr signatures instead of 33?

There is currently a discussion on the mailing list about truncating the 33rd byte from public keys when used in bip-schnorr. Public keys are (x, y) coordinates and compressed public keys simply ...
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