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Create multisignature wallet from xpub keys in bitcoin core

I can create Multisignature wallet electrum with 2 xpub keys. How can I create bitcoin core to do that? Standart use; Add a multisig address from 2 addresses bitcoin-cli addmultisigaddress 2 "[\"...
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What makes an extended public or private key?

I was under the impression that an extended public key was comprised of the public key + chain code, and I'm unfamiliar with what comprises the extended private key. However this does not seem to be ...
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Can you retrieve funds send to a legacy address created with a Segwit extended private key imported in Mycelium from a Ledger Nano S?

I imported a segwit xpub6-key in Mycelium as a watch only address. It only shows address starting with 1 instead of 3, which makes sense. I retrieved a small amount on the legacy address and it shows ...
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What options do I have to avoid API gap limit? I am using xpub keys

I am building a app, and the design is, the "welcome page" has a qr code allowing the user to purchase a single-use of the app. conveniently allows you to use xpub to generate ...
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XPub to YPub Converter (python) - Last digits wrong

The code below is generating an YPub from XPub with the last 6 digits wrong. How can I verify what's happening and fix this error? e.g.: It should be ...
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Best way to find list of UTXO related to xpub

Apparently the way to find a list of UTXO related to an xpub is to derive all addresses from the master private key and query a node with each and every one of them. It is possible to generate ...
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Xpriv can be calculated from the xpub + child private key?

I heard Michael Flaxman say that if an attacker obtains your xpub key as well as any one of your child private keys, they can calculate your master private key? Why is this not a huge deal? Where are ...
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Importing an arbitrarily created Master Private key to Bitcoin Core

I've created a Master Private key (xpriv) on an airgapped machine along with an Master Public key (xpub). Now I'm running Bitcoind on my Ubuntu server and I want to use my newly created keys on a new ...
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Does Ledger Nano S Have an xPub or a zPub for Bitcoin wallets?

{ "xpub": "tpub-big-long-key-that-starts-with-tpub", "index": 1, "freshAddressPath": "84'/1'/1'/0/0", "id": "libcore:1:...
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Could be possible to get the Xpub from a Bitcoin Core wallet using RPC commands?

I know in the Bitcoin Core wallet there is no easy way to extract the xpub from a wallet, but maybe with the latest changes that have been made to the core (such as the exit descriptors), there are ...
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How to import an extended public key into bitcoin core 0.16

I exported an xpub key from a HW wallet and want to import it into my own node to keep track of changes to the balance. My node is running satoshi 0.16.1 Can someone help me find the right syntax for ...
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generate wallet addresses from extended public key

i am trying to generate addresses from Extended Public Key using bitcoinj but can't figure out, how can i possibly do this. i need those addresses for watch-only wallet, those addresses were ...
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