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2 answers

Does the ZeroCoin protocol fulfill its promise of anonymity?

Zerocoin is a new cryptographic extension to Bitcoin that (if adopted) would bring true cryptographic anonymity to Bitcoin. Has anyone seriously analyzed the protocol and verified it works as ...
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How does Zerocoin work?

How does Zerocoin work? I got the idea that it is used to add anonymity in bitcoin. It converts bitcoin to Zerocoin and back to bitcoin. But how does this process work? I tried reading the research ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What exactly would need to be added to Bitcoin to support Zerocoin?

I have read some information about Zerocoin, but not the actual paper. My question is - what exactly would need to be added to Bitcoin full nodes in order to implement it? Just the special "zerocoin ...
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Getting a Zerocoin for d bitcoins

I've read the Zerocoin paper by Miers et al. and understood most of the concepts. How do I get a zerocoin for some denomination in bitcoin? e.g. If I spend (d bitcoins + txn fee) in a bitcoin txn ...
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Zerocoin vs. Zerocash ? are they the same ? Or two different protocols?

what is the main difference between Zerocoin vs. Zerocash ? are they the same ? Or two different protocols ? If they are two different protocols, what are similarities ?
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Zerocash: how to verify that a mint transaction is correct

I'm reading the whitepaper of zerocash and I don't understand how a mint transaction works. Here are my following questions: How do you prove that you have enough bitcoins to form a certain amount of ...
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