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Questions about Ripple are off topic. This tag should be used for questions regarding Ripple, an alternative cryptocurrency. Such questions can include how Ripple works and things that can be done with it. Ripple is also known by its ticker symbol, XRP.

Advantages to being an early Ripple adopter: Being able to get a lot of free ripples during their first distribution Being able to establish oneself as a reliable and reputable Gateway that will be … a go-to place for everyone Establishing oneself as the first business to do something with Ripple - be it selling something or offering some services. Other early adopters would be then inclined to …
answered Feb 15 '13 by ThePiachu
As Ripple appears to allow one to create exchange listing for any pair of currencies, it might very well server as an exchange unto itself. It is possible that the project will replace the … scepticism surrounding how safe the Ripple system is, so not a lot of people would be willing to abstract their money even further with it than they are used to. …
answered Mar 19 '13 by ThePiachu
In ripple, both parties need to share a trust link in order to send IOUs between themselves. It doesn't need to be direct, but there needs to be a link. Most commonly it will be a trust to a Gateway … . Alternatively, users can send themselves ripples without trusting any party (or one can say that they need to trust the Ripple system in that case, but that would be just semantics), but that wouldn't be an IOU. …
answered Jul 3 '13 by ThePiachu
Yes, Ripple is created precisely for such purposes. Both you and your friends need some small balance in ripple first to "activate" your accounts. After that, you need to grant your friend trust for …
answered Feb 26 '13 by ThePiachu
Ripple operates differently for ripples and other currencies. Ripples can be transmitted between person to person like Bitcoins, while all other currencies operate like IOUs through a web of trust … . When your friend that you trust sends you BTC, your Ripple accounts will show you both that they owe you some amount of money. If you ever send bitcoins to them through Ripple, the debt might be …
answered May 9 '13 by ThePiachu
It turns out I was using master seed + sequence + subsequence, while I should've been using public generator + sequence + subsequence. So in my example: I take 0388E5BA87A000CB807240DF8C848EB0B5FFA5 …
answered May 6 '14 by ThePiachu
Ripple labs have created a number of GitHub repositories relating to Ripple, including ripple-lib for JavaScript and a work in progress ripple-lib-java for Java. Rubble Labs have released their … ripple library for Golang CodeShark has released a C++ library for communicating with Ripple through a websocket …
answered Mar 28 '15 by ThePiachu
At the time only SQLite is available on Windows platform, so the correct configuration is: [node_db] type=Sqlite path=hashnode.db
answered Oct 16 '13 by ThePiachu