NXT's account control is based on the phasing feature. It is very different than Bitcoin multisig. When submitting an NXT phased transaction the user, in addition to the transaction information, attaches a voting model and a block height stating that in order for this transaction to be executed another approval transaction(s) matching the voting model needs ...


According to NXT wiki: In Ardor, only child chain transactions can be phased. Therefore, when account control is set for an account, it can no longer submit Ardor chain transactions. In other words: account locked for child chain is locked for Ardor chain to. See for details: Account_Control


Yes, if you don't want the hassle of registering or giving your details to a website an ATM would be the better choice. Note that ATMs usually charge more than an online exchange. They give you a bitcoin address and its QR code as well as a private key and its QR code. The private key is all you need to have control and access of your coins on that ...

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