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Calculating addresses from Bitcoin transaction data

In short, the answer to your question depends on what you mean by "address". Historically, there are two different concepts with that name which I'll refer to as payment destinations and ...
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Which are considered not-for-public fields of the ones returned by getaddressinfo?

From a security perspective (i.e. could directly lead to loss of funds) the only thing you should be worried about are private keys or seeds that are used to generate private keys. There are no ...
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Why distinguish between receiving address and change address

This distinction only exists for the internal processes of your wallet, and to provide a better UX to the user. Consider for example when you request a payment. You generate a receive address, the ...
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How Wallet Mobile Softwares deal with Wallet Balance and Transaction history?

I was able to find an answer which for me was Electrum Server and similar (for example ElectrumX). I wasn't aware at first of the existence of softwares able to analyze blockchain and provide many ...

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