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My multibit core synchronization is stuck Whats the reason

Please regard this post: Question about Multibit Core wallet - not sync for advice on how to deal with your malware. Specifically: I hope you didn't receive any funds to addresses generated with &...
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How Wallet Mobile Softwares deal with Wallet Balance and Transaction history?

I was able to find an answer which for me was Electrum Server and similar (for example ElectrumX). I wasn't aware at first of the existence of softwares able to analyze blockchain and provide many ...
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Calculating addresses from Bitcoin transaction data

In short, the answer to your question depends on what you mean by "address". Historically, there are two different concepts with that name which I'll refer to as payment destinations and ...
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What are the OP codes associated with bc1?

Native segwit scriptPubKeys are of the form OP_n + <data>, so first a single number opcode followed by a push of some data (called the witness program). Specifically: For P2WPKH (pay to witness ...
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What are the OP codes associated with bc1?

I think you may be misunderstanding how an address is constructed and where scripting opcodes fit into that. The bc1 indicates the use of the bech32 address format for SegWit versions as defined in ...

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