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This is not possible, bitcoin is extremely stealthy and if your incidental exposure address link is not correct


Nate's answer is true about transactions generally, although companies like Chainalysis use sophisticated software and methods to try to find sources of transactions. This may not be what you are looking for, but if you could do with geolocated non-hidden full node data, then I've written an open-access academic paper on Bitcoin full node data here https://...


Because Base58 initial 1s carry 8 bits of data, but P2SH addresses cannot be represented with a string with initial 1s so it starts with 3 which, like all other cases & characters, encodes 5.86 bits of data. Since the same number of digits encodes fewer bytes, more digits is needed for P2SH. The P2PKH network byte is 0x00 and the rest is the hash and the ...


It is possible to trace it backwards. Some blocks chain explorers show exchange names (and other stuff) annotations on addresses and detected wallets. That kind of information is clues, but no, is not a proof. The documentation you need is a receipt. I have no knowledge that exchange CSV archives can be considered receipt. Chances are your corresponding ...

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