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how to fix mining software make error? bfgminer bitcoin

error in miner file, something to do with cpus ./configure with enable cpu mining fixed this now able to make bfgminer note similar issue from other users: https://github.com/luke-jr/bfgminer/issues/...
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Cannot connect to slushpool with bfgminer

I am also new to slushpool with bfgminer. follow steps if it works to you . sudo bfgminer then enter url stratum+tcp://stratum.slushpool.com:3333 then it will ask username with worker username....
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Altcoin Solo mining Help / Advice

Shares are an accounting mechanism to allow for miners in a pool to prove how much work they did towards finding the next valid block hash and fairly divide any rewards. With solo-mining, there are no ...
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Bitcoin Solo Mining with bfgminer

The error messages you see are exactly what you get if you just start bitcoind without any proper configuration. Did you make sure you started your bitcoind with the -server flag at all? Only that ...
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Why can't I get any miner to work on my PC?

You cannot mine Bitcoin on a desktop (or laptop) computer these days. If you are trying to mine Bitcoin on Slush, you will need an ASIC. You can potentially mine ZCash on Slush, if you have a high ...
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BFGMiner No device detected

The best gaming PCs gave up in 2013. Now you need ASIC hardware to mine. Even 1 TH/s (1000 GH/s) is not fast anymore - I wouldn't buy slower than that. The device bfgminer is looking for is an old and ...
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Gridseed not mining bitcoin - no shares accepted

So, I'm not much of a miner myself, so please take this with a grain of salt. When I plug in your numbers into a mining calculator, 11Gh/s resolve to earnings of just below 0.001 btc per month. This ...
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Antminer U3 not detecting in cgminer nor bfgminer?

From BFGMiner's README.ASIC file: The U3 does not support autodetection, so you will want to use --scan-serial to manually probe it. For example, to scan all devices, you can use: -S ...
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I'd like to connect an LKETC USB Scypt Miner to my Raspberry Pi. Help?

I build a custom driver wich allow to run lketc usb miner with other scrypt miner (originaly this driver is a zeus clone, but if you use lketc and zeus at same time one of miner not works) you can ...
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BFGMiner + CGMiner solo mining, how to specify payout address

It depends upon the parent's support of the coinbasetxn capability. When your (getwork or getblocktemplate) request includes the coinbasetxn flag, the response may (should) contain an address for the ...
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clDevicesNum returned error, no GPUs usable

Add --gpu-platform 1 to the start of the config line in order for it to ignore the Intel card.
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