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7 votes

Why does BIP-340 use secp256k1?

Couldn't it have used other curves, like Curve25519 and its signature schemes that are being used by many other projects? Curve25519 is a key agreement scheme, but if you're referring to the (related)...
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4 votes

Is a BIP required for the removal of SegWit Discount for Inscriptions?

The removal of the witness discount would be a consensus change, specifically a soft fork. Changes to consensus rules have always been standardized as BIPs ever since the BIP process was created and I ...
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3 votes

why is BIP 39 unanimously discouraged for implementation and what should I do about that

BIP 2 provides for comments that can be posted on BIPs on the wiki. Currently, all comments about BIP 39 are negative, which is what is summarized as "unanimously discouraged for ...
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2 votes

Why does the median-past time average the last 11 block timestamps and not the last 12?

For posterity, I want to share what I now believe to be the reason why 11-blocks was chosen for the median_timestamp calculation. By calculating a median timestamp value of the previous 11 blocks, we ...
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1 vote

How do miners signal approval for a BIP via nVersion, exactly?

The version and other parameters that could be used for signaling are generally set by the work producer, i.e. your own node or the pool you are mining with. That will issue the work for your mining ...
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