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How to convert a WIF private key to a BIP32 extended private key

You can't. The BIP 32 extended private key format contains information which is not present in the WIF private key. The extended private key format contains the chaincode of the private key, the index,...
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BIP38 or Brain wallet?

BIP38 allows you to hide your private key in plain sight. Nobody knows what the private key is until they decrypt it with the password. A brainwallet is essentially generating a private key by ...
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2 votes

"Lost" password to BIP38 encrypted private key, encrypter may be faulty (Bippy)

It turns out Bippy does have a bug in the encryption algorithm where it mixes up the public key compression flag. As pointed out, I posted this problem on reddit as well, and a solution has been ...
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2 votes

Spending BTC from an Electrum watch-only paper wallet?

Solved, with some assistance from redditor u/Deminero30. The problem was that the BIP39 Paper wallet's private key (PK) Format started with "6P..." and was 58 digits long but, when I used bitaddress....
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1 vote

What type of wallet support French seed-phrases?

BIP39 (the specification for how seeds can be encoded into phrases) specified a number of word lists beside English but it has been widely considered a bad idea to use them. Words can be ambiguous ...
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1 vote

Verify that WIF corresponds with bip32 extended public key

This is for a multi sig 2 of 2 wallet. One of the keys is bip39 which I have the mnemonic seed for, the other is the bip38 which I do not. What do I do with this decrypted private key in order to ...
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1 vote

Spending BTC from an Electrum watch-only paper wallet?

As you know, it isn't possible to spend money using a wallet that doesn't contain the relevant private-key. Your watch-only wallet cannot be used for spending. See
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1 vote

"Lost" password to BIP38 encrypted private key, encrypter may be faulty (Bippy)

If there is a bug in Bippy and it's generating incorrect encrypted private keys, that would make your unencrypted private key unrecoverable, unless the bug in Bippy was something as simple as changing ...
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1 vote

How to BIP38 existing private keys offline

The Bitcoin-Explorer (bx) v3.0 implementation described below has had FULL BIP 38 functionality for over a year, and has extended BIP 38 to numerous altcoins. See 5) Extended AES256Encrypt and ...
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How do private keys in Bitcoin-Qt's encrypted wallet differ from BIP38 private keys?

BIP38 provides a standard to create encrypted paperwallets (or physical coins in the case of Mike Caldwell). Bitcoin Core is wallet software which stores its most sensitive information in an encrypted ...
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