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3 votes
Accepted is the public key the same as the Bitcoin address?

No, they're not the same thing. Paper wallets are not generated differently as/in to comparison to normal wallets. a bitcoin adress is part of a public key. The address is at its most basic just a ...
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3 votes paper wallet vs. single wallet does not use the same private keys for paper wallet generation as for the single wallet. It uses the same initial entropy that you provide, but new private keys are generated for the ...
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3 votes

What would be a safe way to store large amounts of Bitcoin long term to ensure safety from loss?

NO. Using an online source to generate private keys is incredibly unsafe for a variety of reasons. The best way would be to produce the private keys offline either with a Hardware Wallet or private ...
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1 vote

Verify Hash from without the original HTML file

Obtain the HTML containing the javascript. $ wget --2024-02-16 12:19:23--
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1 vote

Are wallet address generators considered a dapp? like bitaddress or warp wallet?

I think this comes down more to semantics than anything else (and thus might make the question off-topic as opinion based), but I'll give it a shot. I would classify BitAddress or WarpWallet as ...
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1 vote

Eliminating all private keys records from pc

What you describe has some risks: The new PC and router likely won't have the latest software updates, which could increase the chance of it being compromised immediately The website ...
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1 vote

Verifying a legitimate version of on Windows

1) Google how to verify a PGP signature 2) Import author's PGP sig (from the main Web site), use procedure from 1) to verify contents of (and obtain ...
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