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Firstly Read Help I am new to Bitcoin, how can I get started? How do you obtain bitcoins? Can bitcoins be traced to scammers scam with blockchain Bitcoin "ATM"/BTM Scrutinise "ATM" for fees etc to determine exactly how much BTC you will receive. Open your wallet. Click the Receive button. Enter appropriate details (all aptional). Click the Request ...


it seems like a wallet address was generated for her This seems most likely to me. An ATM should not allow the destination/receiving address to be empty or to contain something that is not a valid bitcoin-address (e.g. a phone number would be rejected) A phone number might be requested for an online custodial wallet service with two-factor authentication (...


Both of the transactions are confirmed and can be viewed using a block explorer. Furthermore, both of them were spent by your friend 6 hours ago. Transaction 1 Transaction 2 In other words, those transactions have been seen by them and spent.

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