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A question on CNode class data members

The question is from 2015; some things have changed since then. CNetMessage is a transport protocol agnostic message container. It contains the received message data (DataStream), time of message ...
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What is the data format layout for txindex LevelDB values?

You are confusing the VarInt and CompactSize encoding. CompactSize encoding (also confusingly referred to as "varint" outside Bitcoin Core) is used in the Bitcoin protocol. VarInt encoding ...
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How do I customize Bitcoin Core's mempool policy so that low value transactions (ordinals, BRC-20) are not propagated by my mempool?

If you want to keep running bitcoin core I think the easiest thing to do would be to add permitbaremultisig=0 and datacarrier=0 to your bitcoin.conf file althought I don't know how effective that ...
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Why do PinSketch sketches consist of the sum of odd powers?

You can reconstruct the elements whenever you have 2c consecutive power sums for k=a until k=a+2c-1 (power sum Sk is x1k + x2k + ... xnk) of the elements, regardless of which a you start at. However, ...
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RPC Batch call abruptly stopped working

Ok, so after some very painful debugging, I've figured out the problem. I don't quite understand why but I've resolved it for now. There's an upper limit to the number of rpc batch requests you can ...
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What should the intended purpose of (mempool) policy defaults in a full node implementation like Bitcoin Core be?

First of all it is worth noting there seems to be some disagreement on this at the time of writing (February 2024). instagibbs stated in his policy zoo doc: There are N motivations for policy that I ...
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I found an incorrect translation in Bitcoin Core, how can I suggest a fix?

To answer "How to contribute to translations for Bitcoin Core?" Bitcoin Core translations are handled by an open source project called Transifex: https://www.transifex.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/ ...
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