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Running a mainnet full node uses up closer to 300 GB as of the time of this answer, not 160 GB. Once your node is synced, any transactions you make will be part of the bitcoin mainnet, and thus persistent. However, you are still responsible for backing up and maintaining access to your private keys - if you delete or otherwise reset the wallet, you will ...


You're putting a script directly in the scriptPubKey. That's both discouraged, non-standard, and hard to use, as you've noticed there is no corresponding address. There are only three types of addresses defined (with common acceptance) in Bitcoin: base58-encoded P2PKH addresses (1...), base58-encoded P2SH addresses (3...), and bech32-encoded native segwit ...


You probably have to wait for your node to sync i.e. download 200+GB of the blockchain. I suggest making a thread on https://reddit.com/r/bitcoinbeginners and posting a link here so we can help you further. Stack exchange is not suitable for a back and forth diagnoses session.


In a sense, such a command would be trusting a third party: any putative answer would be that given by whoever supplied that code to you; and it may not be trustworthy - it could tell you it was 21 million, but behind the scenes actually use, say, 42 million. The nearest you could do would be to download the source code from a proper source and, having ...

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