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How to install Berkeley DB 4.8 on Linux?

this fixed my problem in kali i used sudo apt install libdb and then pip install bsddb3 and it was able to find the local berkely installation and complete the install thanks soo much
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How did Satoshi Nakamoto create the first Bitcoin? The Genesis Block

You can't mine with the Bitcoin Core software. You can't now but you could with early versions of the software. The facility, for mainnet, was removed because CPU and GPU mining were no longer ...
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how to run bitcoind without downloading entire bitcoin core for development

To run bitcoind without downloading the entire data on bitcoin core follow And follow the 2.2: Setting Up a Bitcoin-Core ...
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Edge cases when dealing with incoming Bitcoin transactions

my unique index for Bitcoin transactions is a combination of these three: txid:vout:address That seems like it might be overkill. After all, the blockchain only uses txid:vout to uniquely identify ...

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