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What is the "Count" column in the order book on Bitfinex?

It's because the Total column is not the cumulate sum of the column Count but of the column Amount. In your example, at the line for price 1612, Total=6.0 and indeed if you do the sum of all amount of ...
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Bitfinex get credits and convert timestamp to JS Date

The problem is not with the timestamp, it's with your method of converting the timestamp to local time. As this SO question describes, convert it this way: var dt = new Date(0); dt.setUTCSeconds(...
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Historic market data from Bitfinex

I have posted an answer regarding the code in the stackoverflow question, but if you just want the raw (or sample) data for either BTC/ETH/LTC from Bitfinex or HitBtc, you can head over to my website ...
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Mistakenly sent BCH to BTC bitfinex wallet - can I get my BCH back?

They will be recoverable, but only by the exchange the money was sent to.
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Does Bitfinex support B2X? Will BTC holders at the moment of the fork be credited B2X on a 1:1 ratio?

There's no 2X fork anymore now, since it has been called off
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Candle decimal places

The Bitfinex:BTC/USD pair seems to be traded with one decimal figure precision. There is no way to get more accurate data, as this is the most accurate data. In my opinion one decimal figure is ...
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Shorts, longs BTC data

It is fairly common for exchanges to only provide a limited amount of historical data. Tradingview and other sites that have more historical data store it themselves on a database. With 2 hours of ...
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Bitfinex - 25% annual funding fee for margin - Fiat vs crypto - how to minimize cost?

What you fund your account with is irrelevant to this question. If you take a long position against a USD pair, you'll borrow USD and pay USD interest. If you short a Coin you will borrow that coin ...
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How to get the historical data from with out a limit?

My suggestion is to get data by fragments for example: Jan 1 2017 - July 31 2017 Aug 1 2017 - Dec 31 2017 Then merge on your code
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How exchange platforms work?

This is not really a bitcoin related issue. As long as the exchanges have 100% reserves, they can always pay. This means they need to have the sum of all balances of all customers on their own ...
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Does Bitfinex support B2X? Will BTC holders at the moment of the fork be credited B2X on a 1:1 ratio?

Most exchanges will not credit you the same day but make you wait a certain amount of time. Your best bet is to withdraw and extract it yourself if you want 2x coins quickly.
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Bitfinex API limit

My finding for bitfinex rate limit is this: 1 second is divided up in milliseconds. 60 requests must span the entire second. For example, if you have a foreach loop you'll get a rate limit error in ...
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Will I be losing my BTG by sending BTC to bitfinex

until the BTG fork is complete, sending bitcoin to a 3rd party might risk your access to BTG. that said, sending anything to bitfinex might be a risk in itself, given that there is accusations public ...
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Trade Execution v.s. Trade Execution Update

The documentation of the authenticated side of the API from where these orders are created states the following: After a te message you receive shortly a tu message that contains the real trade ...
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Bitfinex - Market order that uses all available

This is a shortcoming of the Bitfinex API. For example, say you have 0.5 BTC and you'd like to buy as much ETH as you can with it, you need to calculate how much ETH it might work out to and then ...
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Bitfinex REST API v2.0 modify orders

Update orders are exclusive to Websocket APIs in version 2, so you have to either use them or use v1 rest APIs which is not recommended.
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On Bitfinex, what is FRR?

Its the return rate. So instead of just setting a return rate at lets say 0.019%, you're return rate is the market rate. It updates once an hour. It makes it easier for you so you don't have to log in ...
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What is the "Count" column in the order book on Bitfinex?

Count: This is the total number of orders at that level. A count of 1 means that 1 order is at that price point. A count of 6 would mean that there are 6 orders at that price point. From https://...
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Bitfinex api v2 not returning candles

The problem might be, that the JSON data does not contain line breaks. I was facing the same issue. My 'subscribe' call had no effect until I added line breaks to the JSON data. I haven't even gotten ...
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Tracking the Bitfinex hacked coins

This is possible. It also may sound good on paper, but the implications are horrible. Think of it. 100 thousand bitcoin. 0.5% of all coins will be rejected. This is out of 21 million. Out of the ...
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