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Sign transaction hex with PHP library

The library has a documentation folder, plus examples to boot! You should always check for these first :-) As mentioned in the comment above, you should check your transaction creation procedure, as ...
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3 votes

bitcoinTestnet Network returning a mainnet address

The following code fixes the issue. The problem was that the class I was using didn't set the network on the bitwasp bitcoin object. The code came from freedom node. hd.php <?php require_once(...
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1 vote

How to create valid P2SH-address with Bitwasp-Library that can be used with Electrum?

You haven't provided a derivation path in that code. For p2pkh addresses electrum uses m/j/i where m is the xprv/xpub you use, j is 0 for receive and 1 for change addresses and i is the index of the ...
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Installing PHP bitwasp bitcoin library

You have it installed already. That's why it's saying you have the requirements met and don't need to download it again.
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