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A transaction could go unconfirmed indefinitely. The order in which transactions are confirmed is decided by miners, and generally they will be incentivized to include only the highest fee-rate transactions, to maximize their revenue. Even a low fee-rate transaction may eventually confirm, once the mempool clears out. But there is no guarantee of this, ...


Increasing the nonce size would not increase or decrease the expected block time. The block time is maintained via the difficulty adjustment algorithm, which adjusts the network difficulty according to the apparent time it took for the last 2016 blocks to be found. How quickly blocks are found can thus be used to estimate how many hashes/second the ...


Your logic of xoring obfuscation key with the key seems to be causing an issue. Key and level DB value should be first made the same length. The result block hash should start with zeros. Feel free to copy code from this repo which is in working state


This is a bit late, but I've been struggling with this myself so hopefully I can help out anyone who comes across this thread with a similar question: Looks like the chainstate obfuscation key begins with an 08, which probably refers to the length of the key. If you remove the 08, you get an obfuscation key of (for the above example) 99b9c2314a85c9b6, which ...

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