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Any factor limiting the size of a block is a maximum, there’s no minimum requirement.


var blockTemplate = CoinService.GetBlockTemplate( new { rules=new List<string> { "segwit" } }); This function call requires you to specify rules for the block you want to create and in newer Bitcoin Core version, you can only create blocks following the segwit softfork rules.


If you have txindex enabled and are using a Linux, debian-based machine, install jq: sudo apt install jq and save this script somewhere as "": #!/bin/bash BLOCK_HASH=$(bitcoin-cli getbestblockhash) BLOCK_TEMPFILE=bestblock.json VIN_TXNS_TEMPFILE=vin_txns.temp VIN_N_TEMPFILE=vin_n.temp # Check if all temp files and addresses file exists,...


At the main screen tap the menu icon (three dots at top right) and choose "Network Monitor" from the available options. Then swipe left to switch from the "Peers" tab to the "Blocks" tab. The top of this list shows the highest block number that the app knows about.


Bitcoin Core has a getmempoolentry command. This takes a txid and returns information about that transaction's mempool status. This includes height which is the block height when transaction entered pool.

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