One might think that the network maintaining the same consensus rules would be considered the original, and the project introducing a consensus rule change and thus creating a new network would be considered the derivative, but you've already pointed out an exception to that rule with the ETH DAO fork. Various arguments can be made why one or the other ...


If you have Zaza and BTC in one wallet it's suggested that you first send your BTCs away (because they're more precious and the BTC client is more trustworthy) then your Zazas so that the Zaza client can't steal your BTC.


No, there is no such problem. When BCH developers thought about introduction replay protection, they first agreed on the OP_RETURN-based one. Then they changed their minds and decided to use the better SIGHASH_FORKID-based one (see details about BCH replay protection). Their first replay protection wasn't removed. It expired with block 530,000. After that ...

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