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Can I delete blk*.dat files?

No, if you manually delete these files, Bitcoin Core will notice the missing files and abort. However, Bitcoin Core does have functionality to discard blocks after validating them: pruning. You can ...
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How did Satoshi Nakamoto create the first Bitcoin? The Genesis Block

You can't mine with the Bitcoin Core software. You can't now but you could with early versions of the software. The facility, for mainnet, was removed because CPU and GPU mining were no longer ...
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Size of the `chainstate/` dir vary from node to node

The chainstate/ directory contains a LevelDB database. There is no guarantee whatsoever that two LevelDB databases with the same content are identical (or even have the same size). LevelDB internally ...
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I was recently contacted by blockchain, saying I have money in wallet,account is frozen ,and can recover money. Is this legit? Can't remember wallet

I was recently contacted by blockchain Acces UK Whever contacted you is almost certainly lying to you about the company name - they probably have no connection with that company. Is this company ...
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Is it possible to add custom data on blockchains transaction such as a payment reference?

No, there is no “reference” field on Bitcoin transactions. While the recent Inscription hype demonstrates (once again) that you can attach arbitrary data to Bitcoin transactions, the “Bitcoin way” of ...
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