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Is it safe to use a second-hand Trezor (like from ebay)?

If you update the firmware you are probably safe, but why take the chance? The Trezor itself (or even the included USB cable could have been corrupted/...
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Get simple BTC value to insert it in excel sheet

Here is the link. Just insert this into your excel file =IMPORTXML("","//span[@id='quote_price']")
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BTC-E - Is there an official limit on frequency of requests that can be made?

At around 50 to 60 requests/second their host provider (I believe cloudlfare) starts to error.
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What actually did Alexander Vinnik / BTC-e do?

What actually did Alexander Vinnik / BTC-e do? According to ZDNET A French judge has sentenced today the founder of the now-defunct BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange to five years in prison and a fine ...
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How do we distinguish between BTC and BCH in an address?

Yes, since the amounts match across all four networks, it seems clear that most transactions must have happened before the forks—otherwise the amounts should diverge with the differing economic ...
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How do we distinguish between BTC and BCH in an address?

How do we distinguish between BTC and BCH in an address? By looking at the post-fork BTC and BCH blockchain transaction-journals independently. What does this "the address also contains" ...
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Bitcoin fork! can I gain access to the coins

You can access your coins in only if announces will support the fork. Remember you should have bitcoin on your account before hardfork.
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Noob Question: Trading Fluctuating Currencies

You have one BTC which worth $17,000 so you have $17,000. Now you can sell this BTC for $17,000 and buy whatever you want.
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How to handle an old, abandoned Litecoin withdrawal from

I sent a message to the support centre of the new exchange ( I got this automated reply: "Hello! We informed in the news that we don't possess historical data on transaction and orders of the ...
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BTC-e international wire transfer in USD from Russia

I contacted another bank and was reassured that any wire transfer from a Russian resident to any person or company could be made without supporting documents if it is under 5000 USD or equivalent. As ...
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How To Buy Bitcoins On BTC-e (USA)

BTC-E shut down by government and it won't come back. So there's no way to do that. (source:
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crypto currency exchange and cold storage

Many Websites with personal accounts like localbitcoins or localmonero DON'T use individual wallets for every account, because of the huge data amount it would take. Their solution: Just a few ...
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BTC-E API and determining volume for any time interval

I agree with Mark, you should use the TradeHistory method. but to answer the other question, according to api docs (most btc exchanges use very similar api): vol: traded volume vol_cur: ...
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