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It is absolutely possible, running parallel networks will be even added as a GUI option in the next RaspiBlitz release (FOSS bitcoin - lightning node package) which will also make C-lightning available. See the issue about the parallel networks: https://github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz/issues/2290 Here is a screenshot demonstrating running 5 LN nodes (3 C-...


This was answered by individuals on IRC. It is perfectly fine to run any number of c-lightning nodes for any combination of networks as long as you keep home directories (--lightning-dir) and (--bind-addr, --addr) bindings distinct. For different networks (i.e. mainnet, testnet, signet etc) c-lightning already has subdirectories so there is no need to ...


This is a draft answer from answers on Telegram. Alternative more detailed answers are welcome. Plugins are subprocesses that are started by the main lightningd daemon. They work in cooperation with lightningd. The plugin should stop when stdin is closed. The default behavior is that the plugin closes with normal signals.


Is it possible to configure c-lightning cookie based authentication to bitcoind as opposed to rpcuser/rpcpassword? Yes it works with .cookie now. It is automatic, it is the positive side effect of c-lightning invoking bitcoin-cli to communicate with bitcoind instead of handling RPC and authentication itself. Does lightning.conf read the rpcuser/rpcpassword ...

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