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What would happen if you send Bitcoin (BTC) to a Bitcoin Cash (BCH, aka BCC) address?

As of what happens if someone send BTC from a BTC wallet to BCC wallet address, the transactions go through. But you can only see that transaction in the Bitcoin Blockchain rather than Bitcoin cash ...
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Accidentally sent Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin address held by a third party

You'll have to negotiate with your service provider whether they can help you. Whoever holds the private keys for your Bitcoin wallet should be theoretically able to generate a transaction that ...
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What would happen if you send Bitcoin (BTC) to a Bitcoin Cash (BCH, aka BCC) address?

There is nothing which distinguishes a BCC address from a BTC address; they are both the same format and refer the the same keys, thus a BCC address is a BTC address and vice versa. This means that if ...
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What would happen if you send Bitcoin (BTC) to a Bitcoin Cash (BCH, aka BCC) address?

As long as both chains adhere to the same address format, which I believe they do for now, there is no such thing as a BTC or a BCC address -- both are valid on both chains. What enables you to split ...
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Bitcoin Cash accidentally sent to Bitcoin address. Can I get them back?

In my case I sent the Bitcoin Cash to an address created by a Mobile Bitcoin (!) wallet from The support from told me the solution: B) You have sent BCC to your BTC wallet: 1. ...
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Bitcoin Cash accidentally sent to Bitcoin address. Can I get them back?

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash use the same address format. This means that if you take the key from your Bitcoin Core client, and import it to your Bitcoin Cash client, the Bitcoin Cash client will be able ...
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I mistakenly deposit my BTC to my BCC address. How can i get it back?

You will need to contact HitBTC and ask them to correct it. In theory they have the private keys and can recover these coins in a way similar to splitting Bcash and Bitcoin in the first place, but ...
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Sent Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin address

Of course it's possible. Since SegWit outputs look like AnyoneCanSpend outputs, you can redeem the outputs. I can create the redeeming transaction for you, but since transactions with ACS outputs are ...
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Sent Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin address

On Bitcoin forks that do not support Segwit, outputs that use Wrapped Segwit scripts (P2SH-P2WSH or P2SH-P2WPKH) can in principle be spent by anyone who knows the inner segwit script hash or pubkey ...
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Export from Bitcoin — import to Bitcoin Cash

You are likely importing it as a legacy address, since Bitcoin Cash does not support segwit scripts. In this scenario, you cannot actually recover the coins yourself. Since segwit isn't activated on ...
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Mistakenly sent BCH to BTC bitfinex wallet - can I get my BCH back?

They will be recoverable, but only by the exchange the money was sent to.
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Can Bitcoin Diamond be claimed on Segwit addresses?

Bitcoin Diamond does support segwit, so it is possible to claim it. However, it may not be possible to (safely) do it directly from the trezor. There is apparently an Electrum for Bitcoin Diamond, ...
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Can my exchange recover BCH sent to a BTC address that existed pre-fork?

In principle, Luno can claim these coins, but you cannot. There is no distinction between BTC and BCH addresses. They each use addresses generated from private keys in exactly the same way. Money ...
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senting wrong address from BCH to BTC address PLEASE HELP!

Just did the same blunder. Spent the better part of the day working around it. In my case I sent bitcoin cash (BTH) from Coinbase to a mycelium wallet. Here is how I recovered the funds. First ...
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BCC to BTC on

Many exchanges have similar policies, either officially (such as Bittrex) or unofficially. The reason for this usually comes down to time and security. Any exchange worth their salt will have ...
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A BSV transaction I sent to myself was replay attacked on BCH. How do I recover my BCH?

The BCH are recoverable. They were moved to an BCH-address that is derived from the seed of the Coinomi wallet with the derivation path of the BSV-wallet. This address will not be displayed by default....
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I sent Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Cash eWallet by mistake, what can I do?

Do you hold private keys of that Bitcoin Cash eWallet? If yes, you need to import private key of that Bitcoin Cash address into any Bitcoin wallet and you will be able to get your bitcoins back.
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I withdrew my BTC coins to a NEO wallet Did i lose my coins? How can i recover them?

The response it pretty clear , you need to find a way to extract the private key of the neo wallet and import it into some other BTC wallet which allows you to do that. What wallet are you using for ...
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Sending a Bitcoin (BTC) to a Bitcoin Cash (BCH, aka BCC) address in Kraken exch. without receiving the private key?

Basically they don't have enough staff with security clearance to handle manual cross-chain recoveries. So only substantial amount will be considered. It is Kraken's policy not to engage in ...
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I've sent Bitcoin to my BCH address on Coinbase. How can I recover it?

Coinbase has shite customer service. But they're who you need to wait for. They'll either be able to access the bitcoins and send them back or credit your account, or they might give you the private ...
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Sent BCH to a BTC address in my wallet

If you don't possess and control the according private keys, you don't "own" Bitcoins. Maybe you have a right to access and transfer your Bitcoins and maybe legally "you own them", but not technically....
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1 vote

Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash on Trezor

Use this website to recover your coinage:
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Sent Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin segwit address by accident on my Ledger Nano S

It is in principal possible to get them back, but the danger lies in the fact that as soon as you broadcast your new transaction to get them back anyone can change the receiving address, hence steal ...
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1 vote

How can I claim my BCH if my BTC is held with, a multisig address?

There is a solution. I've got my BCH today from which was already empty but it had a BTC on the day of fork. So what you have to do is: First of all you should get from security settings ...
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Accidentally transferred Bitcoin to Bittrex Bitcoin Cash account

I realise the question is a few months old, and no response from OP, so maybe resolved. But to answer the question for anyone stumbling across this in future, there's a good chance the coins can be ...
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1 vote

Can I access a BCH wallet with a BTC seed phrase?

If the seed phrase was generated by a BTC BIP-0039 compliant wallet and you have a BIP-0039 compliant BCH wallet then the answer is yes you should be able to get hold of your BCH funds. It should be ...
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How to retrieve BCC mistakenly sent to BTC Electrum wallet?

Can you find the BCH on a block explorer website? What address are they currently in? Is it one that you control the BTC keys using electrum? If yes, then do the following: You'll need to take the ...
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BCH to BTC in same Trezor wallet

If you sent BCH to your Trezor BTC address or vice versa, you can use to recover your coins. The only exception is if you send BCH to a BTC 3... address (segwit), ...
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Recovering LTC coin sent to a BTC address

I sent my LTC to my Trezor BTC wallet. There is a Trezor recovery function that will recover it if it was sent to a Trezor address. Hope that helps anyone with a Trezor out!
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