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bitcoin-cli attempts to read the credentials from $HOME/.bitcoin. Since user2 will have a different home directory, bitcoin-cli will not able to find the credentials. You can either symlink .bitcoin from user1's home directory to user2's, or alias bitcoin-cli for user2 to use -datadir=user1home/.bitcoin. You may need to play around with the read ...


In some cases, bitcoin-qt/bitcoind may regularly (and even gratuitously) flush the wallet [1], so it's possible that wallet.dat could be in an inconsistent state at the time you make your own copy. The backupwallet RPC call should be a safe way to accomplish this. [1]


I finally end up with this setting for my raspberry nano /etc/systemd/system/bitcoind.service content of the file bitcoind.service [Unit] Description=bitcoin [Service] Type=forking User=pi Group=pi Environment=BITCOIN_PID=/home/pi/.bitcoin/ Environment=BITCOIN_HOME=/home/pi/.bitcoin ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/bitcoind ...

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