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If you're asking how you yourself can add a new block to Bitcoin's chain via solo mining, then unfortunately unless you have a lot of hardware to do so, you will likely never add a block yourself by solo mining. And, if you had the hardware to do so, you wouldn't be asking this question. If you're asking just in general, then chytrik's response is a good ...


Turns out that there was a bug in my code and not the invalid extranonce2 value!


Ownership is a difficult concept and, in some contexts, irrelevant. The answer you get from a lawyer or tax-adviser may differ from the one you get from a software developer. Knowledge of a number gives you the power to spend money denominated in Bitcoin. Anyone else who knows that number has the same power. The Bitcoin network doesn't care who knew it first....


Owning bitcoin(BTC) = Own private key required to spend one or more Bitcoin UTXO Not sure about other cryptocurrencies.


The general approach to Bitcoin protocol updates is to maintain forward and backward compatibility with the prior consensus rule set on the network. In fact, Bitcoin's protocol stability is considered one of its most important properties, as it ensures that people can confidently store value and rest assured that their funds will remain accessible in the ...


1 bitcoin on the bitcoin blockchain will always be equal to 1 bitcoin on the bitcoin blockchain. There can be other new projects that move away from the bitcoin blockchain, but it will not change the original bitcoin blockchain. We call them "fork" like Bitcoin cash or Bitcoin SV. Here is more information if you are new to bitcoin: I am new to ...

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