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Adding «Donate» Bitcoin button in file GitHub repository

1. Demonstration Click to donate button on page: Link must be opened in your Bitcoin client, example: 2. ...
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Can I create an invoice for a Lightning address I don't own?

When you mention "Lightning address" here, from the rest of the question I assume you mean a Lightning node's ID or public key. If this is the case, then you absolutely cannot create a ...
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How to make permanent Bitcoin Address for donations?

Do not use a web wallet. Install Bitcoin Core or Electrum on your workstation and create a new receiving address, it will be valid permanently. Re-using addresses is a privacy reduction but, there is ...
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How to make permanent Bitcoin Address for donations?

Just generate a new address and put it on your website. Not sure what you mean by permanent, all addresses are permanent as long as you keep the private key safe.
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How to accept donations?

Addresses are intended to be used once, and there are problems with reuse, but it is usually safe to just use the same one repeatedly for donations if you don't have a way to update it easily. However,...
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Are there any risks to giving someone your wallet address?

As long as you make sure you give them a new Bitcoin address (not one you're used in the past) there are no risks in just giving them an address. If you give them an address you're used before, they ...
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How can I find out who sent me bitcoins?

how can I find out who sent them? Realistically, you cannot. You could see which inputs were used in the transaction that sent you the bitcoins, and attempt to find their owner. But there is no ...
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How to accept donation correctly?

Great question! For each anonymous visitor who clicked [Donate]: generate a new, high-entropy URL that is public to access but impossible to guess (additionally, it can expire after some time) derive ...
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One time donation using bitcoin from creditcard or bank-account

I don't recommend it, but you probably can. Upon withdrawal from an exchange, you will be asked to provide a deposit address to send the funds to. If you give the address of who/whatever you want to ...
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Accepting micropayment donations via Lightning Network - what is the most efficient / recommended architecture?

I was able to signup and accept Lightning payment in 2 minutes: OpenNode is the easiest way to accept bitcoin. It was easy. Looking no further. And they offer API: https://...
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Accepting Donations For Your Charity In BITCOIN

Try to use btcpayserver. Fully non-custodial bitcoin payment processor.
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