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As for now (years after this question was published), there are metrics discussed and published on several sites trying to achieve that. Basically you would be googling for "fundamental analysis" metrics. Because searching for the health of the underlying product to the traded asset is basically fundamental analysis common in other spheres of trading and it ...


You would not do PoW if you have a state as central authority and trust anchor. You would simply switch to Proof of Authority or other strategies, e.g. permission-ed blockchains. Further, you could use other Decentralized Ledger Technologies. PoW is so great because everyone can join the network without revealing their identity.


If what you mean by adopt bitcoin as a state currency means replace their existing fiat currency; I believe there would a lot bigger problems to consider. If they did do that, it would essentially be saying that their money no longer has any value, which would cause a massive panic within their population. A type of panic similar to when India banned the 500 ...

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