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For now you can use AppImage file from website. Download AppImage to your Ubuntu USB, then: $ chmod +x electrum-3.3.8-x86_64.AppImage $ ./electrum-3.3.8-x86_64.AppImage


Thanks for explanation. But can I transfer that change from change address back to my lets call it "primary" address that I use to keep most of my BTCs? I lack reputation to answer to your second question, so I will answer here. There is a very good reason to consolidate all your balance into one, if you are not worried about privacy: To save on fees. ...


They are indeed all your addresses. The addresses labeled receiving in green are meant to be given to people from whom you wish to accept a payment and the yellow change addresses are there for Electrum to use when you make a transaction with an unspent output. About receiving addresses Using a separate address for every incoming transaction is better than ...


Based on some of your comments: My Private Key is in a WIF Format, when I put it in it doesn't want to go with my address. It sounds as though your wallet could be importing the wrong address type (ie legacy vs p2sh-segwit vs bech32). With Electrum you can import your WIF and specify the address type. Electrum can import private keys ...

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