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You haven't provided a derivation path in that code. For p2pkh addresses electrum uses m/j/i where m is the xprv/xpub you use, j is 0 for receive and 1 for change addresses and i is the index of the address. So first receive address would be m/0/0.


I wrote a code that follows the bip84 and I advise to generate electrum addresses using ZPub.


do I just wait and the BTC will comeback No, the transaction be13...5f1b is complete and 0.00361861 BTC (about EUR 18.86 at time of writing) has been sent to address 1Exq...qoPf Nothing is going to come back just by waiting The transaction, like all confirmed Bitcoin transactions, is final and irreversible. should I do something so it isn´t floating ...


FWIW, someone created a tool. A cursory examination doesn't show any security issues:


Can I still receive my coin For privacy, many wallets use a new receiving address for each transaction but sending money to an old address should still work. You can use one or more of the public blockchain explorers to find out the status of transactions involving the old address. Addresses To view a full list of addresses known to your wallet see I can&...

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