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How does Eligius pay miners directly from the newly generated coins? It simply generates the coinbase transaction to include payments directly to its miners, instead of only a transaction to itself. What are the pros and cons of this compared to how Slush does it? Here are some I can think of: Pros: No transaction fees necessary for these payouts (...


By simply adding addnode= to your bitcoin.conf file then any transaction you send will automatically be broadcast and eventually make it into a block. No one but you has to add this node and nothing special needs to be done beyond this one configuration. Now it may be true that the bitcoin-qt client will not actually allow you to send a ...


Do you want to create p2pkh output and send zero satoshies on it? Such output is non-standard (dust) and will not be relayed and mined (but it is possible) Or may be you want to create nulldummy (OP_RETURN) output? This is possible BTW, sometimes miners confirm non-standard transactions, for example


In the last few hours I am getting 100% connection rejections from Eligius. I am using a Mac and the Asteroid miner GUI. I also have MacMiner setup. both are not failing after about a month of successfully working. But that is not the point of the question. Check your ISP, check luke's threads on btctalk and on eligius or their IRC chan #Eligius on ...

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