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I've got an answer on Reddit: It's likely to have been written in a PM or an email to some developers, and it seems that Mike Hearn (BitcoinJ) was the one who published this statement: Mike Hearn - February 25, 2013, 12:48:54 PM He communicated with a few of the core developers before leaving. He told myself and Gavin that he had moved on to other ...


Hashcash is one of the many anti-spam techniques used today, which is essentially a proof-of-work system designed to limit not only email spam but also denial-of-service attacks. A similar proof-of-work methodology is being used in bitcoin for block generation. With an average of 150 billion e-mails sent out on a daily basis I cannot see how this could be ...


This is technically possible and can be easily implemented, but I see two problems, which may be stopping people from creating such a service: Trust: how can the service ensure its clients that it will not steal their money? Security: email is not secure, a man in the middle can access the email message on its way before the recipient, and steal the money. ...


Ultimate necro, but it was Mike Hearn. You can find multiple emails between Satoshi Nakamoto and himself from back then at his site here: The specific quote you've found is the last email in the last thread (


No, an email address cannot be obtained from a Bitcoin address. Addresses can be generated on an offline PC by someone living in a desert who doesn't even have an email address. Most wallets won't ask you to provide any personal information, they won't even ask you which country you live in, let alone contact information like an email address. Such personal ...


If you used the bitcoin network to send coins there is nothing you can do, once you send them you you no longer own them. If you send bitcoin with coinbase with their service then you should contact their support service.


That's just a bitcoin address, it may not have any bitcoins sent to it, and even if it does, you can't spend them unless you find the private key too. Check the balance of that address here


You can but you have to use American wallet provider Coinbase but than you have to register and login into their website. For clarification, your bitcoins are not stored locally on your machine, they are stored on the Bitcoin network which means they are also on my computer and on every other peer's computer. The difference is, you have the access to your ...

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