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Implementing Multi-Sig Escrow?

You basically got it. create 2-of-3 multisig addresses (meaning needing two out of three signatures) 1 is for the buyer, 1 is for the seller, and 1 is for the mediator buyer sends money to the ...
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Can multisig transaction contain two destination addresses beside transaction fee and UTXO?

To clarify, a transaction spends one or more inputs (which are outputs of previous transactions) and creates one or more outputs (often including a "change output" sending excess value back ...
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What is the correct way to make crypto payments except the escrow intermediate?

What is the correct way to make crypto payments [...] I'm not convinced there is only one correct way to do things in Bitcoin or that anyone has the authority or right to proclaim that one way is ...
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How to make a homomorphic preimage/payment hash with current lightning network / Bitcoin implementations?

with the current system, it seems impossible to do so. The most probable protocol change/update will be after activating BIP Schnorr, when we have the chance to move away from payment_hash/preimage ...
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Trade-offs in 2 of 3 multisig release transaction

To state the obvious in a 2-of-3 multisig escrow if two parties collude they can cheat the honest third party. Buyer and seller signing the transaction. HodlHodl signs the transaction only in case of ...
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Can I defraud the merchant, or the merchant defraud me, on the bitcoin or lightning network?

The merchant attempts to defraud me: I pay X satoshi to buy a smartphone, but I never receive it, and I'm afraid the merchant will never deliver it to me. This is certainly possible, and Bitcoin-...
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I made a payment of bitcoin into escrow for services that were not delivered and bitcoin not returned

You can contact the service provider, and the escrow agent to request a refund, but beyond that there is likely nothing that can be done. If you have lost a substantial amount of money, you could file ...
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What is the correct way to make crypto payments except the escrow intermediate?

Escrow solutions are essentially used in Bitcoin as M of N multi signature schemes. A simple 2 of 3 signature scheme is the closest that is available to regular escrow with the Buyer, Holder and ...
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Decentralized escrow functionality built into Bitcoin?

Anything is possible. David Zimbeck, created this concept for bitcoin back in 2014 does this and has been running since 2014. It's an automated two party escrow service. Both parties put ...
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Monitoring a sequence of bitcoin transactions

The standard way to set up an escrow relationship like this is by creating a 2-of-3 multisig address with keys of the two parties and the escrow. As long as the two parties agree, they can pay out the ...
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Transaction to "dynamic" wallet doesn't arrive?

It appears the transaction with that id actually exists, you can verify it because Bitcoin transactions are public
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why bitcoin escrow don't use fiat currency?

Because it is much harder to do escrow with fiat. Fiat currencies are subject to various regulations which make this difficult. The escrow service would have to be registered as a money transferring ...
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ScriptSig in bip65 escrow example

The scriptSig part is first on stack, so there would be: 0 <Alice's signature> <Bob's signature> 0 and this for the payout into the CLTV branch: 0 <Alice/Bob's signature> <...
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Is there an escrow-like mechanism that doesn't involve a trusted 3rd party?

There's "Decred cross-chain atomic swapping". It allows two people to exchange cryptocurrencies (currently BTC/LTC/Vertcoin/Decred) without trusting on a third party nor each other. UPDATE: There's ...
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I'm trying to create a new kind of escrow with bitcoin, not sure if it's possible

Partial answer (not a new solution - I merely adapted the micropayment channel protocol): if you allow for public key exchange, one solution seems to me to be: t1: source funds an address A ...
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