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Seed nodes are important even for SCRYPT coins. You need to edit the source code in particular the DNS seeds and IP address seeds in the net.cpp file. You can run this on a VPS or any always on internet connection with a static IP address. Litcoin Net.cpp The DNS seed node resolves to multiple IP addresses that are all running their own *coind instance ...


You can see from the Debug Window ("Peers" tab) that the Bitcoin Core client connects with multiple clients not only with different versions but different implementations. So to answer your question: No.


First of all, there isn't really an "official" list of DNS seeds. You're probably thinking of the list used by Bitcoin Core. But other clients are free to choose a different list, or to discover peers in an entirely different way. Users of Bitcoin Core are also free to reconfigure their software to use a different list. So this list is merely the default ...


[::] is IPv6's version of localhost (

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