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Can someone please explain FIBRE to me like I'm 5 and why is it useful?

First the "why it matters": Fibre (Fast Internet Bitcoin Relay Engine) is a protocol which attempts to deliver Bitcoin blocks around the world with delays as close to the physical limits as ...
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Improvements that could be made to how bitcoin propagates its transactions and blocks?

The answer partially depends on on what you mean by "how bitcoin propagates" and "improvements"-- Fibre transmits blocks vanishingly close to the lowest latency possible, but at the expense of using ...
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Is FIBRE still in use in 2023?

The public Bitcoin FIBRE network was shut down “a year or two” before May 2022. Some of the reasons were that block propagation became a lot faster after compact block relay (BIP152) was deployed to ...
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Can someone please explain FIBRE to me like I'm 5 and why is it useful?

FIBRE is valuable as it allows for miners to extremely quickly propagate their blocks to other miners and to the rest of the network. The goal of FIBRE is to reduce latency in block transmission. ...
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Did the FIBRE protocol reduce the occurrence of chain forks?

Is Fibre protocol deserved for rare temporary forking? If blocks are propagate that fast, there are less chances for temporary fork to happen and even if it do, they are short (small length)? Miner ...
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How to move only "blocks" and "chainstate" folders on an external USB hard-drive while running Bitcoin Client on connected laptop with Ubuntu?

Also, after bitcoin(d) link creates the ~/.bitcoin folder, you can add a link to external drive. cd ~/.bitcoin rm -rf ./blocks rm -rf ./chainstate ln -s /data/btc_blocks ./blocks ln -s /data/...
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