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Which is the better estimator for future mining intervals, the 10 minute protocol target or the observed, historical average?

For a good portion of its history the bitcoin network has seen continuous increases in difficulty, which warps the average block time to be below 10 minutes until the next difficulty adjustment. If ...
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Why was 21 million picked as the number of bitcoins to be created?

42 is the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. Bitcoin block rewards are cut in half every 4 years. Half of 42 is 21. Nearly every person can understand what x "million" means, but ...
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How to calculate the risk-free rate of cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin itself has no returns: 1 Bitcoin is worth 1 Bitcoin, always. Presumably you actually want to discuss the returns of a Bitcoin plus ordinary currency pair, such as BTC/USD. In that case you'd ...
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Bitcoin multisig scheme that prevents theft by middle-man operator

I can think about some possibilities. You can use an DLCs (Discrete Log Contracts) with your platform as oracle. Each output can be redeemable by any part at any time, if you sign an attestation ...
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How interest payment work in lending under bitcoin standard?

The only way they can do that is through using their Bitcoin for a productive use case which will be more valuable to others that the Bitcoin that were used to create that value. In other more simple ...
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Are the transactions displayed on "BitListen" really accurate?

Yes it's real. If you don't believe it you can simply look at a block explorer and view many other transactions of similar sizes.
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How to calculate the risk-free rate of cryptocurrencies?

I think you should use Treasury bonds from your country to calculate the risk-free ratio. Risk free rate is just a theoretical rate of return of an investment with "zero risk", which would be your ...
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What would a country adopting Bitcoins as official currency have to reinvent?

There are other practical challenges a country need to face: Before even starting the change, a government must convince people. Old people here in Hungary still insist on using cash, and nobody can ...
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How do you get a job in the Bitcoin/Blockchain industry?

Look at the backgrounds of the top Bitcoin core devs. Here are the top 3: Wladimir J. van der LaanUniversity of Groningen Institute for Mathematics and Computing Science (IWI) Pieter Wuillecomputer ...
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Is there a plausible future for the use of Bitcoin in the financial industry and corporate finance?

Generally, Bitcoin is a poor fit for the needs of most financial institutions. They want features which are incompatible with Bitcoin, or require unsupported workarounds: Holding local currencies. ...
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How can I measure the "health" of Bitcoin?

As for now (years after this question was published), there are metrics discussed and published on several sites trying to achieve that. Basically you would be googling for "fundamental analysis" ...
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