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Is the 'real barrier' to attack bitcoin's consensus 33.34%, rather than 51%?

In this proposed attack, you need more than just hash power. However, if you assume that you can partition the network as this attack imagines, you need no hashing power at all. If I can split the ...
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Running a Bitcoin node (behind Firewall / NAT or anything else? disallowing inbound connections)

You may wish to attempt the following: Your router most likely offers you a GUI so you can adjust a few settings. Use your browser to connect to your router whose ip address is something like 192.168....
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Does port 8333 need to be opened as TCP_OUT or TCP_IN?

Port 8333 is only relevant for inbound connections. Opening it allows other nodes to start talking with your node. That said, a Bitcoin node can fully participate in the network even if you don't ...
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Please take a look at my server print out to see if all looks well or if the repeating errors mean something is wrong

The message potential stale tip detected, will retry extra outbound peers is associated with at least two situations: A firewall is blocking port 8333 and your node cannot communicate with peers. ...
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