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23 votes

Current FPGA Competitiveness

First a bit of perspective on FPGA mining. ​ Around 2011 some miners started switching from GPUs to FPGAs, (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), after the first implementation of Bitcoin mining came out ...
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3 votes

How to begin FPGA mining

I'm a total newbie but so far the problem appears to be solvable. This is what I did with my Altera DE2-115 hooked-up to a Windows 7 machine: got fpgaminer's open source FPGA bitcoin miner on Github ...
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2 votes

FPGA mining setup with Altera DE2-115

Essentially no software supports the getwork call anymore due to the speed of modern miners (they would call it 25,000+ times a second). You’ll need to use a very old version of Bitcoin Core from ...
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