I couldn't find the results of the Coin Selection written out anywhere, and just finished piecing it together from the code. It works as David mentioned, but here are more details. The Coin Selection Algorithm logic to transfer Target amount If any of your UTXO² matches the Target¹ it will be used. If the "sum of all your UTXO smaller than the Target" ...


Old question, so answers are outdated. Anyone reading this now: bitcoin-qt has coin control features that let you choose whichever txin you want to use.


See these lines: // We do not move dust-change to fees, because the sender would end up paying more than requested. // This would be against the purpose of the all-inclusive feature. // So instead we raise the change and deduct from the recipient. if (nSubtractFeeFromAmount > 0 && newTxOut.IsDust(::minRelayTxFee)) { CAmount nDust = newTxOut....

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