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While not strictly impossible, the only legitimate exchange I know of that does this only does this when you transfer funds to another address belonging to that exchange - they transfer the funds and provide an internal txid which is a handful of numbers, and no blockchain transaction is made. Speaking anecdotally as someone who works at an exchange and has ...


Since the web pages claims to be seven years old in one place but founded in April 2019 in another place, I'm going to say it's not an actual trading platform. That their trades and volumes aren't reported in places that report such trades (such as here or here), they probably don't have any actual trades or volume.


You are the victim of a scam by criminal conmen. You cannot recover your money. The bitcoin system does not allow for cancellations, reversals or refunds of transactions where payments were made due to fraud. The only person who can return your money is the person who you gave it to. Criminals almost never voluntarily return what they stole. The bitcoin ...


A quick websearch found me a review on BehindMLM. The site indicates that BitKingdom was a multi-layer marketing scheme. Unless your grandfather happened to be one of the first investors and actually cashed out, the funds are probably lost. Disclaimer: I'm only familiar in passing with BehindMLM, but they had a lot of useful background information on BitClub ...

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