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Can High CPU Droplets from Digital Ocean be used for Bitcoin Mining?

No, neither CPUs nor GPUs of any kind are of the slightest use in Bitcoin mining. This has been the case for several years, since the introduction of ASIC miners which are now many orders of ...
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GPU mining slows down my ubuntu

Mining on a cpu at all is a bad idea, it can and will wear the cpu down, and is ridiculously slow compared to a gpu. Also mining with an Nvidia card isn't the smartest thing either as they are much ...
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GPU mining slows down my ubuntu

Just purchase a second computer specifically for Monero mining, and don't even run the GUI (Unity). If your mining efforts aren't profitable enough to warrant a dedicated computer, then you probably ...
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The warpwallet challenge 2

Yes its doable, but you'd have to write your own custom implementation for scrypt and pbkdf2 hashing as warp wallet uses these 2 algorithms. If you can find a brute force tool for scrypt and pbkdf2 ...
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Do you have to use a four gigabyte graphic processing unit to mine in 2021?

No, you have to use an ASIC to mine Bitcoin in 2021. A graphics card of any kind won't work.
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Why is Ethereum total network hashrate still increasing if there are no GPUS to buy?

People who already owned GPU before Ethereum became popular are joining mining now. People with piles of money (companies mostly) buy GPUs directly from manufacturer or big seller (that's why GPU's ...
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Mining with only 1 GPU

Mining almost any crypto-currency, including Ethereum, with just one GPU is not recommended if you are wanting to actually make profit. This segment of miners are viewed as enthusiast with the goal of ...
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clDevicesNum returned error, no GPUs usable

Add --gpu-platform 1 to the start of the config line in order for it to ignore the Intel card.
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